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BARRE ASTIĖ / a state of body and mind

In Barre ASTIĖ we guide the whole body to move fluidly and rhythmically in  various spatial patterns  in order to achieve our focus

  • on the scapular belt which is the adult’s particularly stressed/strained area
  • on the hips and the coxofemoral joints which are crucial to the dancer’s technique
  • and on the spine which connects the two.

As the method is continuously adapted to different groups – pre-adolescents, adolescents, dance students and adults (beginners or experienced in movement)-, the trainer will plan his class accordingly. The aim is to establish communication and trust with his/her trainees, in order to get them to  understand their body, feel their articulations’ mobility, wake-up the deeper muscles and interiorize the movement instead of copying it.

“The Barre ASTIĖ is a way to acquire knowledge of our musculature, skeleton as well as joints and their mobility. It reveals our personal ability to move using flexing movements, stretches, spirals and bends of the spine through a functional concept that allows to form a proper image of ourself.”

– Grammar of the Bodies –