Safe somatic method for all

Effective floor barre for dancers

BARRE ASTIĖ is a somatic method that can be applied to everyone – dancer, non-dancer, professional or beginner. It keeps evolving thanks to the constant research of Mr ASTIĖ  alongside the participation of more than a hundred Barre ASTIĖ trainers throughout the world. These trainers are mainly dance professionals, ex-dancers and teachers, physiotherapists, physical education instructors, actors and musicians.

A pleasant body conditioning class


The right balance of stretching and strengthening movements


The  correct placing of the spine and the upper body that relieves from neck and back pains


The stimulation, relaxation and elimination of tensions that our breathing pattern permits. In fact, “in Barre ASTIE, breathing is the tool to leave our body to an inner perception…the medium to learn how to isolate our limbs and accept to relinquish their weight.”
-Grammar of the bodies-


The  connection with the art of dance: music, use of space, fluidity of movement, flow of energy-grace, emotion.

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10 January 2018 The Educational Program Dipl.BA at Studio ASTIĖ/Lyon will begin on 10&11 February 2018. Mr. Astié will welcome the participants and teach them the fundamental principles of the method. You can still send expressions of interest to


10 January 2018 The Dipl.BA (Diplôme Barre Astié) ceremony award was held on the 28th December 2017 at the Indoor Hall of Dora Stratou Dance Theater. In his speech full of emotion, Mr. Astié thanked all the teachers for their loyalty and contribution to the dissemination of the method and welcomed the new ones to…